Science Projects and Geology

At the University of Newcastle, NSW, the other Science departments said that Geology was a ‘coloured pencil’ discipline. Just a little bit more right-brained than the other sciences. Perhaps that’s how I ended up as a scientist, in the arts. I didn’t anticipate that, but at least I know I’m in my right mind.

20 years later, I’m still licking rocks and geeking out on finding a cool new fossil or crystal amongst the dirt. Recently I drove 1500km through the Mexican desert to find a dinosaur fossil. Did I find one? No. Did I learn a lot? Hell yeah! Some journeys aren’t about the destination.

Here’s a pretty Ammonite that I found in North Yorkshire. The geeks will notice that it’s a pyritised Elegantoceras impression from an ironstone cannonball nodule, and infer that it likely came from Runswick Bay. Everyone else will agree that it’s a pretty ammonite.

this is the ammoniate fossil Eleganticeras from near Whitby, North Yorkshire UK

Science Edu-tainment

As a science communicator, I aim to share my enthusiasm for science (BSc.) to the public through playful theatre and fun activities. My shows and workshops have allowed me to work with organisations such as the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Cambridge Science Centre, Tyne and Wear Discovery Museum, Lapworth Museum of Geology, Birmingham, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, Dr Bunhead’s Science Education, Glasgow Science Centre and CSIRO Science Education Centre (Sydney)

Here’s a picture of Flint and Floss, from The Greatest Show Unearthed. This is a two-part production focussing on rocks, minerals, coal, the carbon cycle and the fact that we’re all screwing up our atmosphere and oceans. It’s a fossil fuel frolic of family friendly fun!

geology science theatre show  with rocks, fossils and minerals

Along with Helen, we’ve created this Candy Floss sideshow, where the humble pink treat is used to explain concepts like the cohesion of matter during the formation of our solar system, how laboratories are using candy floss to create artificial meat substitute and one possible solution for recycling plastic involving a candy floss machine.
Sound like fun? It’s sweet đŸ™‚

Flossie the circus character explains science using candy floss

I’m on instagram as @TheRockShowman

And we do a full circus production ‘The Science Circus Spectacular’. It’s like a physics in action show, with sequins.