A 40th Birthday Backyard Bash

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Sunday September 23

In September I round the sun for the 40th time and I’d love nothing more than to celebrate it by sharing some time with you.

Our lovely new house in Newcastle will be open for visitors, with a focus on the weekend of September 22/23. There shall be a family picnic-party day on Sunday 23rd from MIDDAY, which will merge into a party evening from 6-11PM. There will be a Big Top or two in the backyard (Wednesday or Thursday’s likely activity – feel free to join us to build), a BBQ, drinks and varying levels of gentle fun and shenanigans.

We live at 36 Westacres Crescent 
Benwell Heights 
Newcastle upon Tyne 
Ne15 7PB

Please RSVP by September 17 if you'll be able to join us



The Wallace and Mocomo Circus Bar will be in operation and shall be stocked by you. Bring a bottle, some beer, wine or whatever you like – every donation gives you tokens for drinks that our exceptionally talented and thoroughly professional bar staff will serve you.

There will be food and you are welcome to bring something along to the Big Table – sweet or savoury. There will be an early afternoon BBQ and something later on too. I won’t be organising a show or performance, but we’ll have a couple of rigged Big Tops, a backyard sound system and a world of potential! Backyard games are encouraged for the family affair and later on.

I would prefer your presence than presents, but if you would like to give a gift – I’d love an old fashioned self made music mix or interesting podcasts in downloadable format or on a CD (remember them?) – something that I can listen to that will remind me of you when I’m driving or on the move.

The Wallace and Maccomo Big Top bar

If you’re coming from afar we may be able to help with some accommodation midweek, but it is likely that our house will be at full capacity over the weekend. There are lots of airb’n’bs nearby and we are 10 mins from Newcastle City Centre. Please note that parking is limited in our cul-de-sac, so if you are driving, please consider parking off the street and walking in. The Fox & Hounds pub is has a car park and is 100m away

Over the week of September 19-27 I am inviting a reconnection – physical or otherwise.

If you aren’t able to make it in person, but would like to share some time – please call, Skype, FaceTime or write over the course of the week. I’d love to hear about you and yours.

info@stevecousins.net 07816 278287 – facetime, WhatsApp, fb messenger 0191 246 2836

backyard circus