Steve is available for street shows, stage work and special commissions. He produces event-specific programs of entertainment from his repertoire which includes the following:

Ringmaster, Host, Compere

As an MC, Steve is reliable and amenable. He works hard to create a warm and friendly space for performers to enter into and know’s how to front an event for his clients. His duties as a host can include his many acts and excerpts, toastmaster role and information.

The Balloonatic

The man inside the Balloon – quite possibly the silliest thing you’ll ever see. The Balloonatic climbs inside a 6ft latex balloon and delivers an original comedy routine that has left a wake of belly laughs across the globe – you’ll never see a balloon dog like this again! Suits stage, street and floor.

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And how about the roaming act – Tour de farce – the world’s only self driving human ballooduo!

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