I am a Scientist, Entertainer & Circus Man. Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I dig fossils, make people laugh and juggle whilst balancing things on my head – often all at the same time. It’s with great pleasure that my day job allows me to engage through exciting live experiences that combine education with unique entertainment.

Here’s a science project that I’ve recently been working on – ‘What’s Beneath Our Feet’. You can see all of my Geology work on my Rock Showman website here

My website is not here to sell you anything, or take your data so that you end up with targeted ads that don’t quite match – It’s here so that you can get to know me *

I should probably mention that I’ve been known to climb inside a giant balloon whilst dressed in lycra, and have made grown men cry through doing it. Here’s a silly video of me with my friend Jacob Ole Parit Noomek. He’s a Maasai elder from down near Namanga, in the south of Kenya. At last count he had two wives, 11 kids and quite a lot of goats and cattle. He’s taught yoga in Mexico and the US, but prefers being amongst his community at home. I asked him to take our family all the way out to the volcanic hot springs at Lake Magadi which is the deepest and hottest point in this part of the East African Rift Valley.

I like Jacob. He’s a good man.

* Note: If you’re one of those YouTube followers that really enjoys the whole latex suit thing, thanks for inviting me to your parties, but no.